Sep 26

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Sep 25

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Sep 19

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Sep 08

Adios! Watford win EPL managerial sack race as they fire manager Garcia after poor start to season t

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Wacky, candid, and totally Singlish. Experience the EPL with a Singaporean twist.

Lim Pek almost suffers heart attack watching Brighton vs Man City

Faster WatchJul 05
2:41 min

Mak Cik Ros gets excited over Liverpool's win over Wolves

Faster WatchJul 04
2:59 min

Mil-Lian-nial can’t wait to see Arsenal and Burnley fight

Jul 03
1:53 min

Man Utd’s defence makes Solskjaer Tan rage quit

category 1Jul 02
2:31 min

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Our columnists share their analysis on the hottest topics in the EPL…oh, who are we kidding? They just want to troll their rival clubs and fans. Brace yourself – it’s going to get ugly.

Dear Salah, can you please stop making it so hard for me to hate Liverpool?

Aug 15

Man United will top Liverpool this season – because of Maguire

Aug 08

No Eden, but there'll be other hazards for Chelsea this season

Aug 05

Liverpool's pre-season form is a masterclass in mind games

Jul 30

Stop Pepe-ring over the cracks, Arsenal, and sign some defenders please

Jul 29

Spurs winning the EPL? It is ... inevitable

Jul 23

United's rebuild is truly alive!

Jul 23

Ozil’s bright new hairdo gives me hope for Arsenal Tes

Jul 23

No more excuses, Liverpool need to win the Premier League title this season test

Jul 22

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These masters of Fengshui, Mathematics, Fitness and Hacking have cracked the code to predicting football matches. Or so they say. Believe them at your own risk.

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Seventh month is over. Which means the Saints will banish the Red Devils back to hell

Aug 30

Underappreciated Sheffield United players will run out of steam against Chelsea

Aug 30

A2 + B2 = C2, so take Liverpool to defeat Burnley easily

Aug 30

Spurs are spending all their time searching for Kane, so take Arsenal to roll over them

Aug 30

David Luiz is spending all his time pranking Mustafi, so take Liverpool to beat Arsenal

Aug 23

Ederson's new look will scare the living hell out of Bournemouth

Aug 23

Zaha’s new forehead line indicates Crystal Palace won’t lose to Man United

Aug 23

Spurs will beat Newcastle due to their numerical advantage

Aug 23

Man Utd are still celebrating their opening weekend win, so expect them to falter against Wolves

Aug 16

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Using the most sophisticated spyware available, Social Media, our resident stalker provides you with unique insight into the minds of your favourite EPL stars. 

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